Autodesk Apps not working?
Posted by Karl Hosking on 17 February 2020 08:58 AM

Chances are, if you're unable to use your Autodesk software due to an error message popping up on start up, this is probably the cause - There is yet another Autodesk Licensing hotfix that needs to be installed. 

Thankfully the problem is easy to solve, simply navigate to the Autodesk Desktop App (found in the Windows Start Menu, or look for the Autodesk "A" icon in the system tray) and then install any Licensing Hotfixes that are pending install.

Once all licensing hotfixes have been installed, please also consider applying any pending Service Packs to your CAD apps. One you've patched everything up, it might also be worth logging out and then back in to the Autodesk Desktop App, before finally using your CAD software.

If you encounter any further complications, please do take a screenshot of any errors that you've encountered and email them through to, or phone through on 1800 223 562.

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