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By David Gerber - Support - A2K Technologies

In 2019, Autodesk has been slowly rolling out the Sign-In activation method for all companies. The plan was to have everyone switched to this method by the end of 2019.  

What we have noticed is that a lot of users started to get licensing errors and their software working one day, but not the next. This is usually due to the switch over in activation type and an easy fix.  


Before, users were given serial numbers by their Contract Managers/Software Coordinators, input that during activation, and off they went. Now, however, Autodesk switched to the new Single User “Sign-In” method as a way of protecting companies so that users do not leave with their licenses. Companies can simply re-assign the license as staff requirements change.


Here is an in-depth article about how to assign users:  

  • The methods vary from company-to-company due to different licensing types, so easiest to cross-check to see what you have under your "User Management" tab in your Management Portal ( 
  • When you see which access you have, then you can click the required article title and it'll have all of the instructions and screenshots. 


Users will then get an email from Autodesk saying that their “permissions have changed”, they will be able to access the Management Portal to download/install software and updates, sign into the Autodesk Desktop App to download/install updates, as well as sign-in during activation of the software (or when prompted on an already installed software) in order to sync the license and be able to use the software as normal. 

If users didn’t have an Autodesk account before, they will be able to create one after you assign them a license, it’ll be in that same email mentioned above. Please be mindful of spelling, also if users use multiple email addresses within the company. If the spelling doesn’t match, the user won’t be able to activate/use the software. 

Users can easily see if they have been switched over or not from within their Management Portal by clicking on any product (listed under “Products and Features”) and seeing the “Activation Method” in the drop-down area. 


From what we have been told by Autodesk, everyone should be switched over by January 2020, so there may still be some change-overs necessary in January, however, everyone should be switched over and organized by mid-January. 

It should also be mentioned that this may take some time depending on the number of seats you have, so it would be worth being prepared and assigning users a license (if you haven’t already done so) and you can see that you are still on the serial number activation method, otherwise you may have a case where users lose access to their software and it takes you a few hours to get everyone back up and running.  

Assigning BIM360 Licenses

For BIM360, licenses are a two-tiered process. First do the above, then follow the steps outlined here: 

New Feature - Teams; Manage Teams within the Autodesk Manage Portal

Autodesk have since added a new "Teams" feature to help align end users into Teams which may be geared based on Autodesk contracts. The idea is simple enough, but unfortunately the rollout hasn't been as smooth as we'd have hoped, especially for large, multi-contracted, multi-account accounts. If needing assistance with creating and sorting multiple users and contracts into designated Teams, Autodesk have advised to reach out to their Manage Portal helpdesk for further assistance.

More information on Teams below;

Internal Origin Point 

By David Gerber - Support - A2K Technologies

The Revit 2020.2 update by Autodesk brought about a new feature in the “Site” category called the “Internal Origin Point”. Many people have noticed a 3D gimbal appear in their projects that wasn’t there before. New projects made after the 2020.2 update will have this turned off by default, however, older projects will now have this turned on in every view.  

Ideally, you would have it turned off in your office View Templates. This would turn it off in all of your views. 

If you do not have View Templates set up, you would need to do this in each and every view, as well as new views that are created within that project. You can also use Dynamo to quickly turn off the Site Origin Point in every view without having to open each one up. 

You will need to download the “” package in order to run the script. 

Once downloaded, open your chosen project/s and click “Run” at the bottom left corner. Dynamo will find every view in the file and turn off the Internal Origin Point, Project Base Point and Survey Point. If you’d like to turn them back on, either go into the individual pages’ VG settings, or change the script to say “false” instead of “true”, run the script, and all 3 will be turned on in every view. 

CAD Plotters 

By David Gerber - Support - A2K Technologies

Plot styles transfer over when you migrate your workspaces, however, there are times when you want to use someone else’s plot style or have a company-wide plot style that you would like to install onto your machine. 

This can be achieved in two ways: 

  1. Type in the command - “STYLESMANAGER” - in an open CAD drawing and the pop-up will automatically come up where the .ctb/.stb files are stored. 
    1. Copy and paste the files into this folder to install the plotter onto your CAD workspace. 
  2. You can go directly to the following UNC path and copy/paste the file there without the need to open CAD - C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD 20xx\Rxx.x\enu\Plotters\Plot Styles 
    1. Hint - Copy and paste: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk - in the Windows File Explorer to get to the AutoCAD 20xx folder faster. 

CAD Crashing 

By David Gerber - Support - A2K Technologies

If you have noticed that your CAD is starting to perform poorly or crash during certain tasks where it worked fine one day and not the next, this is usually easily fixed. Thankfully, CAD is pretty straight-forward in regards to what is causing performance issues. 


Usually CAD crashes are due to 3 things: 

  1. CAD needs to be updated. 
  2. Graphics Card needs to be update. 
  3. Windows pending installs/restarts. 


A question to ask yourself is: Is this only happening on one file or all files? 
If it's one file - Perhaps it's a corrupt drawing. As a test, duplicate the file, and try the following: 

  1. Open up a new CAD drawing 
  2. INSERT - insert your drawing 
  3. AUDIT - let CAD fix the errors 
  4. PURGE - purge unused items 
  5. Save 
  6. Retest 

If it's all files: 

  1. Which version of CAD is this on? Is it updated to the latest version?  
  2. Type - ABOUT - in the command line and send us a screenshot for us to cross-check it for you. 
  3. Is Windows Updated fully?  
  4. Type Windows Update in the Windows Search Bar to make sure there aren't any pending installs/restarts necessary. 

The License Manager is not functioning or is improperly installed. Revit will shut down now.

Many users have been encountering this error that's preventing them from launching their Autodesk CAD applications (such as Revit, AutoCAD or Inventor).

More often than not, this error seems to be occurring for users who have not recently run the Autodesk Desktop App, nor patched either their installed Autodesk CAD application, nor installed any of the provided Autodesk Licensing Hotfixes provided via the Autodesk Desktop Application.

To correct this problem, please run the Autodesk Desktop App (found via the Windows Start Menu), log into the app with your Autodesk User ID, and then run all available Autodesk CAD App Service Packs, patches and licensing hotfixes.

If the problems persist, work through the troubleshooting steps listed on the below Autodesk KB article;


However as these steps are extensive, you're more than welcome to log a support ticket with the A2K Technologies support team for further assistance on this issue.



Phone: 1800 223 562

We highly recommend using the Browser Method as described here: 

Autodesk Install Media Browser Download

This tends to be the most reliable installer of the 3 choices Autodesk provides.

  1. If this installation fails, please screenshot the error you receive in the installation dialogue box as it'll help isolate the issue further.
  2. Please also go to your Windows Temporary Folder (type %TEMP% in the Windows Search Bar) and find/attach the file named "<software_name> Setup.log"
    1. Tip: Sorting by date will be faster in finding this file.

In some cases (Browser Method still failing), it may be worth using the Autodesk Virtual Assistant ( You can download the Autodesk Software in parts which is very handy.

  1. Once all parts are downloaded, launch the one named "001" and it will begin extracting the files and find the other parts automatically.
  2. Once extracted, you will find the files in - C:\Autodesk\<software_name>
    1. If the installer doesn't start automatically, go to the above folder and double click the "Setup.exe" file to run the installer.

If you have any errors coming up, please send them through to us at - - and we will help further troubleshoot for you.

We're seeing more and more reports lately of Inventor 2020 failing to start after displaying the Inventor 2020 splash screen. Upon investigating further, we've proven that Avast anti-virus software is interfering with the Autodesk software startup process and preventing the app from running. Unfortunately, either disabling or configuring Avast doesn't appear to have any difference, and it's our recommendation that you speak with your IT Administrator regarding the removal of Avast anti-virus software.

After Avast has been uninstalled and the computer restarted, Inventor should launch as per normal. (The user may also be prompted for their Autodesk ID upon launching Inventor too).

Autodesk are aware of this issue, as reported here;

Inventor 2020 not launching when the Avast Antivirus firewall is on

Encounter any issues with your Autodesk Services product (such as the BIM360, or Fusion 360 product range) can be frustrating because the cloud is more or less out of our control. It's worth checking the Autodesk Health website to see if Autodesk have acknowledged a complication with that service, via the below Autodesk Health Dashboard;


If however there aren't any outages reported however, perhaps there's some other issue at fault, and if that's the case then please reach out to A2K Technologies support staff with details of your product and the error that you're receiving.


Phone: 1800 223 562

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