Windows v2004 Issues
Posted by David Gerber, Last modified by David Gerber on 03 August 2020 05:31 PM

Windows v2004 Causing Autodesk Product Issues

Support - A2K Technologies

We have started to see a few clients moving onto Version 2004 of Windows in the last few weeks with various issues. 

  • CAD not launching;
  • Revit performance deterioration;
  • Products not installing with various failure warnings;
  • Products crashing on start-up with error pop-ups.

At the moment, we can see the issue lies in the C++ Libraries getting corrupted during the Windows Update.

If it's a FRESH INSTALL, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Uninstall C++ Libraries (C++ libraries will install on their own with the software installation);
  2. Clean uninstall the software in question;
  3. Run MSFixIt to clean up any registries and straggling files (sometimes there are multiple instances, so run MSFixIt until they are all clear);
  4. Reboot your computer;
  5. Reinstall the software using the Browser Method.

If it's a product that was ALREADY INSTALLED and started to act up, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Repair C++ Libraries;
  2. If it's still not working, un/reinstall C++ libraries;
  3. If still not working, Repair the product through Control Panel;
  4. If still not working, run a Reinstall through the Control Panel.