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Establish an Internet connection to explore options
Posted by Karl Hosking, Last modified by Karl Hosking on 04 December 2019 10:23 AM

Establish an Internet connection to explore options

By Karl Hosking - A2K Technologies Support

Recently, A2K Technologies support staff have received a spike in support calls for new Autodesk product installations with the error; "Connect to the internet"

Under some circumstances, the CAD software will continue to work whilst a daily counter ticks down to zero, after which the software must be connected to the internet to continue use.

However, all customers who've received this error are connected to the internet, so what's going on? Typically, something is blocking the Autodesk software from connecting with the Autodesk licensing servers.

Anti-virus is the first thing to disable (or even consider uninstalling for extended troubleshooting). Once anti-virus has been disabled, next run the Autodesk Desktop App (the short cut is found in the Windows Start Menu);

  • Log in to the Autodesk Desktop App using your Autodesk ID

Then download and install;

  •  Autodesk Licensing hotfix
  •  Autodesk Single Sign On component update
  •  CAD Application service packs and hotfix

The Autodesk Desktop App is installed by default with all new installations, however if a reinstall is required it can be found via the below link;

Autodesk Desktop App

Note that the above Autodesk hotfixes will require a system restart, so be sure to re-disable your anti-virus upon system start up. Also, if your Autodesk Desktop App is failing to work, you can manually search and download these patches via the Autodesk Manage Portal (more on the Autodesk Manage Portal below).

Once patching has been applied, start up your CAD application, and it may ask you to sign in again with the Autodesk ID. If the problem still persists, a few things to note;

  • Has the error message changed? Perhaps another error is now preventing the software from running?
  • Has your system downloaded any "bloatware" recently? There are some applications that pose as anti-virus that are bundled with popular apps, often users install them accidentally, and these are proving to trigger this error.
  • Check your Autodesk Manage Portal and see that the product that you're trying to access is listed under your account.
  • You can also use the Autodesk Manage Portal to manually download all licensing hotfixes and CAD application service packs.

Autodesk Manage Portal

It's also worth noting that if your computer is experiencing a laggy internet experience, with websites failing to load (then randomly working a couple of minutes later), that such problems with internet connectivity can also trigger this problem with Autodesk software, and as such will need further review by your network administrator.

The official Autodesk KB article that covers this error is fairly brief, found here;

"Establish an Internet connection to explore options" message appears when launching Autodesk software 2020 version

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