Autodesk Management Portal
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Autodesk Management Portal 

By David Gerber - Support - A2K Technologies

In 2019, Autodesk has been slowly rolling out the Sign-In activation method for all companies. The plan was to have everyone switched to this method by the end of 2019.  

What we have noticed is that a lot of users started to get licensing errors and their software working one day, but not the next. This is usually due to the switch over in activation type and an easy fix.  


Before, users were given serial numbers by their Contract Managers/Software Coordinators, input that during activation, and off they went. Now, however, Autodesk switched to the new Single User “Sign-In” method as a way of protecting companies so that users do not leave with their licenses. Companies can simply re-assign the license as staff requirements change.


Here is an in-depth article about how to assign users:  

  • The methods vary from company-to-company due to different licensing types, so easiest to cross-check to see what you have under your "User Management" tab in your Management Portal ( 
  • When you see which access you have, then you can click the required article title and it'll have all of the instructions and screenshots. 


Users will then get an email from Autodesk saying that their “permissions have changed”, they will be able to access the Management Portal to download/install software and updates, sign into the Autodesk Desktop App to download/install updates, as well as sign-in during activation of the software (or when prompted on an already installed software) in order to sync the license and be able to use the software as normal. 

If users didn’t have an Autodesk account before, they will be able to create one after you assign them a license, it’ll be in that same email mentioned above. Please be mindful of spelling, also if users use multiple email addresses within the company. If the spelling doesn’t match, the user won’t be able to activate/use the software. 

Users can easily see if they have been switched over or not from within their Management Portal by clicking on any product (listed under “Products and Features”) and seeing the “Activation Method” in the drop-down area. 

From what we have been told by Autodesk, everyone should be switched over by January 2020, so there may still be some change-overs necessary in January, however, everyone should be switched over and organized by mid-January. 

It should also be mentioned that this may take some time depending on the number of seats you have, so it would be worth being prepared and assigning users a license (if you haven’t already done so) and you can see that you are still on the serial number activation method, otherwise you may have a case where users lose access to their software and it takes you a few hours to get everyone back up and running.  

Assigning BIM360 Licenses

For BIM360, licenses are a two-tiered process. First, you need to be assigned a license, then invited as a team member. If both aren't done, you won't be able to collaborate.

New Feature - Teams; Manage Teams within the Autodesk Manage Portal

Autodesk have since added a new "Teams" feature to help align end users into Teams which may be geared based on Autodesk contracts. The idea is simple enough, but unfortunately the rollout hasn't been as smooth as we'd have hoped, especially for large, multi-contracted, multi-account accounts. If needing assistance with creating and sorting multiple users and contracts into designated Teams, Autodesk have advised to reach out to their Manage Portal helpdesk for further assistance.

More information on Teams below;

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