Autodesk 2020 Multi-user Product Requires Latest LMTools.
Posted by Karl Hosking on 26 April 2019 02:27 PM
For those using a Multi-User network license for their Autodesk software, prior to updating to the latest 2020 release, be sure to download the latest version of LMTools, 11.16, found via the link below;

LMTools 11.16;

Once downloaded, the previous version of LMTools must be uninstalled. I recommend stopping and removing the existing licensing service prior to the uninstall - and so long as the new LMTools is installed and the new service brought online within ~15 minutes then any online users shouldn't be disrupted through the LMTools upgrade process.

The below guide is useful for installing and gearing up the new version of LMTools;

CAD Administrators may also use the Autodesk Manage Portal to generate their Network License files, meaning within a couple of clicks you can have the new Autodesk network license file ready for use.

And you may use the License Parser website to confirm the content of your license file too;

If you wish to speak with an A2K Technologies support technician to assist with the above steps, please reach out by calling through on 1800 223 562 and we'll gladly assist with your enquiry.

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