New - Tagging Feature in 2016 Revu
Posted by Adam Schutz on 12 July 2016 10:21 PM

AutoMark from the Tags Dialog

When using Tags while creating your Set, one of the things you’ll notice when the Tags dialog opens in Revu 2016.1 and above, is the new AutoMark button in the lower-left corner. This comes in handy in cases where the initial pass at auto-marking leads to inaccurate Sheet Names or Sheet Numbers.

For example, if some of the sheet names aren’t listed correctly, all you have to do is select or multi-select them in the Sheet Name column, and then click AutoMark. One of the drawings will open, and you’ll be prompted to select the page region containing the sheet name. Once selected, click OK. At this point AutoMark will scan that region of the selected sheets and update the sheet names in the Tags dialog.


To apply the same concept to incorrect sheet numbers, select or multi-select them in the Sheet Number column, and then click AutoMark. A drawing will open and you’ll be prompted to select the page region containing the sheet number.

Auto-updating of Discipline and Sheet Type Based on the Sheet Number

If you’ve enabled the Discipline and Sheet Type columns on the Tags tab within the Set Options dialog, these will automatically update, and display the correct information (per AIA standards) whenever the sheet number is modified manually, or by using AutoMark. The Revision Number column will also update if the new Sheet Number matches an existing sheet.

Note: For this to work properly, the Sets Categories also need to have been set to Automatic within the Sets Preferences when the Set was originally created.

Incorrect Sheet Number
Corrected Sheet Number, Discipline, and Sheet Type

Revisions in Multi-Page Documents

You’ve received some new drawing revisions, but they’re all combined into one big document that also includes completely new drawings which also need to be tagged and added to your Set. Although the recommended practice is to extract the pages as separate files before adding them, it’s now possible to add the whole multi-page document to your Set. Revu will automatically tag each page based on the page regions you selected when the Set was originally created. New revisions of existing drawings, and initial versions of new drawings, will all be placed in the correct location in the Set.

Note: The Sheet Names and Sheet Numbers must be in the same “geographic” location on the incoming pages as they are on the existing drawings in the Set.

Other Improvements

The Tags dialog now lets you sort the list of drawings by clicking any of the column headings. An arrow will appear indicating whether or not the list is sorted in ascending or descending order.


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