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low wall won't show cut in plan
Posted by David Wills, Last modified by David Wills on 26 May 2016 09:46 PM

Tip Title: you have a wall that is lower than other walls in the view even though its height is above the view cut plane it still shows as seen from above

Product: any version of Revit

Author:  David Wills – Application Specialist



when drafting walls in upland view some walls do not show as cut even though they are high enough to cross the cut plane of the view:


This occurs when the height of the wall is less than 2000 mm regardless of whether cut plane is in the view Revit will always show a wall lower than 2000 mm as seen from above this is an inbuilt part of Revit and cannot be adjusted. To prevent this from happening attach the wall to the level above then use a negative top offset to reduce the height of the wall to the required height. The wall will then show as cut in plan view:

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