Assign a User to a Term Licence or Rental Licence
Posted by Kent Watson, Last modified by Brad Kanther on 29 March 2016 11:24 AM

Tip Title:      Assign a User to a Term Licence

Product:      Any Rental Licence

Author:        Kent Watson – Technical Consultant



You are not able to use your rental product after successfully downloading and installing it on your system.  When you launch your rental Autodesk product you receive error “Contact your administrator to request permission to use this product.”


The user does not have permissions assigned to use the software


The Contract Manager or Software Coordinator needs to log into the Autodesk “Accounts” or “Manage” site to assign permissions.

1.      Log into

2.      Make sure MANAGEMENT is selected at the top of the screen 

3.      From the left menu click USERS 

4.      Select the correct user to be assigned permission and click Edit Access. 

5.      From the list, select the product to be assigned to this user and tick the Assign box.

6.      You can also assign different Services and Benefits relating to the assigned product

7.      Click Save


Additional information:

Adding or Removing Users in User Management 

Rental Licences are also known as Term Licences or Desktop Subscription. They are different to Perpetual licences (standalone or network licences) as they expire at the end of the “Term” or rental period.

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