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Revit - Shared Parameters in Titleblocks
Posted by Kent Watson on 30 October 2014 04:53 PM

Tip Title:      Shared Parameters in Titleblocks

Product:      Revit

Author:        Kent Watson – Technical Consultant



You load your Titleblock into a project and create a sheet using that titleblock.  You find some of the custom parameters that you used in your titleblock are not editable when in the project.



Think of a titleblock as a giant tag family.  Tag families extract data that exists in an object.

Parameters such as Sheet Name, Sheet Number, Drawn By etc. are system parameters and are always present. 

Parameters such as Discipline, Consultant or Issued For are custom parameters. 

If you want to use the titleblock to extract that information out of the project (or sheet) then those parameters must first exist, before they can be read.

This diagram explains what is happening



The solution is to load the share parameters used in the titleblock family into the project also.

If you want the parameter to be the same on every sheet, make sure the parameter is loaded into the Project Information category.

If you want the parameter to different on every sheet, load the parameter into the Sheets category

It is important to use the same shared parameters file used to load the parameters into both the titleblock and the project.  If you do not have the same shared parameters file you can export the shared parameter from one before importing it into the other.  It is not sufficient to just give the share parameter the same name.


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