Clean Uninstall for AutoCAD on MAC
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Tip Title:      Clean Uninstall for AutoCAD on MAC

Product:      AutoCAD for MAC

Author:        Kent Watson – Technical Consultant



You have an issue with AutoCAD for MAC and you uninstalled and reinstalled it to try and resolve the issue but that did not seem to work.



You need to perform a clean uninstall for AutoCAD for MAC

If you have other Autodesk software installed on your MAC this will affect them also, therefore before continuing please uninstall ALL Autodesk software

1.      Uninstall AutoCAD (and other Autodesk software) using the Uninstall icon

2.      Go to the Finder.  This can be accessed from the Desktop

3.      In the Go To folder, navigate to, and delete the following folders


/Library Application Support/Autodesk


/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Autodesk (Type this address in the Go To Folder… Field)

4.      Look inside the following folder and delete the ADSKFLEX files

/Library/Preferences/Flexnet Publisher/FLEXnet

5.      Navigate to this folder and deleted, UNLESS you have Adobe products installed

/Library/Application Support/Flexnet Publisher



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