AutoCAD File / Open preview thumbnail missing
Posted by Kent Watson, Last modified by Kent Watson on 21 October 2014 02:28 PM

Tip Title:      File / Open preview thumbnail missing

Product:      AutoCAD

Author:       Dean Petersen–Civil/Geospatial Technical Consultant



When you use the OPEN command in AutoCAD the preview thumbnail on the right hand side has completely gone as below.


There is a registry setting that controls this. Only proceed if you are confident of editing the registry and have made a backup of the appropriate keys beforehand.


If you navigate to the registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R20.0\ACAD\E001:409\Profiles\<<Unnamed Profile>>\Dialogs\Select File


(You may also need to check this key for any other Profiles listed as well as the <<Unnamed Profile>>)


The PreviewVisible key should be set to 1.  I have seen this apparently happen because of a Disk Scan process run by someone’s IT department.

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