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How Much RAM Can My Computer Use Efficiently
Posted by Kent Watson on 21 October 2014 02:13 PM

Tip Title:      How Much RAM Can My Computer Use Efficiently

Product:      Intel CPU

Author:        Kent Watson – Technical Consultant



Your computer is not performing well and you are considering adding extra RAM to improve its performance


Background Information:

RAM is fairly cheap these days and adding RAM to a computer can often be a good way to increase performance or perhaps more importantly, stability of your computer.  However there are limits on the amount of RAM an Intel processor can use effectively.  The following procedure outlines a procedure you can use to check the maximum amount of RAM you should install into your computer



1.      Look up System details and identify the processor details.  This is done by right clicking on; Windows 8.1. > This PC, Windows 7 > Computer; and selecting Properties from the shortcut menu.



2.      Go to the Intel website and look up your processor (in this case an i7-3720QM)

3.      According to Intel, I shouldn’t fit more than 32GB in my laptop.  Max memory size refers to the maximum memory capacity (in GB) supported by the processor

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