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Revit - The Systems Tab is not available
Posted by Kent Watson on 13 October 2014 05:25 PM

Tip Title:      The Systems Tab is not available

Product:      Revit

Author:        Glenn Sinclair – Technical Consulting Lead



You are attempting to find the Systems tab, to place an MEP item, or to turn MEP objects to black.


If the Systems tab is not visible and/or the “System Color Schemes” option is not visible in the plan properties dialog there are two possible reasons:


You must first determine whether you are using Revit Architecture or Revit. Refer to this KB Article:

“Revit or Revit Architecture”


If you are using Revit Architecture rather than Revit “One Box” the MEP tab and “System Color Schemes” option will not be available. You may need to ask the MEP consultant to model any MEP elements, and/or reset their System Colour schemes back to black before sending the file.


If you are using Revit, the Systems tab can be activated and deactivated.  If the Systems tab is and deactivated the “System Color Schemes” property of plan views will not be visible.

To activate the Systems tab,  go to Application button>Options>User Interface and tick one or all of the systems tabs on as per the picture. If these options are greyed out they may have been disabled by your CAD/BIM Manager, please refer to them to enable this option.


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