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Revit - Object Out of View
Posted by Kent Watson, Last modified by Kent Watson on 13 October 2014 04:23 PM

Tip Title:      Object Out of View

Product:      Revit 2015

Author:        Florian Neumayr – Application Specialist



Modelling in Revit causes the warning: "None of the created elements are visible in Section: Section 13 View.  You may want to check the active view, its parameters, and Visibility settings."



1) Check your View Range when working in plan-view

The modelles object might be out of range.

2) Check if it has been modelled outside of the ‘Far Clip’ boundary accidently:

3) Check your Visibility and Graphics Overwrite:

2) Check your View Filter

            Is it accidently caught be a filter being turned off?

3) Check your View Properties

            3.1) Display Model

            3.2) Display Level

            3.3) Discipline

4) Is the object caught by a View Template?

            Please check the settings of the View Template.


Additional information

Autodesk Revit Help: Visibility and Graphic Display in Project Views

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