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Revit - How to connect a 64bit Revit with Microsoft Access 2007
Posted by Kent Watson on 13 October 2014 03:24 PM

Tip Title:      How to connect a 64bit Revit with Microsoft Access 2007.

Product:      Revit 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Author:        Florian Neumayr – Application Specialist



You want to connect Autodesk Revit with Microsoft Access 2007, while the Revit DB links works on 64bit and Microsoft Access works on 32bit.



Check that the installed SQL-Server is running (SQLEXPRESS). Microsoft SQL Server Express is for free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. In our case we need to start the services by using the RMB (right mouse button).

Choose either the ‘Revit DB Link’ from the Add-ins or …

Choose the native built in ODBC export feature.

The window for selecting the data source will pop up. In our case, nothing has been defined yet. We will just set ip up, now.

Choose the SQL Server as connection point.

It will ask us for a name, so let’s just browse for a folder.

Best Practice shall be to chose the created MySQL folder.

The path shall appear in the field.

This shows the summary of the created DSN (Data Source Name).

We need now to add some more information. Under name shall appear the dsn name. It is important to choose the SQLEXPRESS server.

This window handles the login procedure. Best practice shall be to work with the network login.

This window handles any specific saving procedures.

We can also define translations.

Finish the setup by testing the source.

It shall work.

The tested source appears in the window.

We choose the source and procede.

Revit is now exporting its information.

This is shall be the final message.


Open Access, please. This example shows the connection with Access 2007. We start with a new database as shown.

The new database opens.

We go to the import section and choose to import from an ODBC source.

We can either import or link the data. But wait for continuing on your machine. I may show you a trap as MS-Access ODBC still works with 32 bit.

Our 64bit connection pops up. DO NOT USE IT, IT CAN NOT WORK.

Please go to the shown folder and look out for the shown exe-file. We need to define a separate 32bit connection.

Under File DSN, we could access our old connection.

Please define a User DSN as we as user access the file. With the export, Revit as software accessed it as ‘file’.

Choose also the SQL Server.

Fill out the Name, Description and pick the same server.

The window handling the authority will show next.

Adjust the same as you did when setting up the file DSN.

Adjust the same as you did when setting up the file DSN.

This window shows the summary and please test the Data Source.

The test shall be successful.

We see now the User DSN in the window.

Now, we can import the ODBC database.

Chose if you want to import or link the data.

Go to the Machine Data Source and pick the just created Data Source Name.

Pick the tables you want to read from.

‘dbo.’ stands for Database Object.

The window shows the import process.

The system data cannot be imported. The authority is kept by Revit.

This is the final success window.


This screen-shot shows the database containing the levels.

We can also read out the structural columns.

… or then export the data back and please choose the ‘Access – User DSN’.

In Revit it works by choosing the ‘Revit – File DSN’.

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