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Navisworks - Element’s Incorrect Material Assignment
Posted by Kent Watson on 10 October 2014 05:42 PM

Tip Title:      Element’s Incorrect Material Assignment

Product:      Navisworks

Author:        Chad Smith – Consulting Technical Lead



When loading a Revit model into Navisworks, depending on how the original Families were created, they may not display correctly.

Take the below example. Despite the Glass and Frame being two separate geometries in the Revit Family, they are both being displayed as a glass looking material in Navisworks.




The above issue was caused by the lack of materials being assigned in the Revit model.
Instead, the Subcategories were used to differentiate between Glass and Frame.

Unfortunately, (at the time of writing) there is a limitation in which if elements which do not have materials assigned, they will be treated as a single element and therefore share a single Navisworks material.

To work around this, apply a material to the geometries in Revit before exporting to Navisworks.

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