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Inventor - Old Versions
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Tip Title:  Inventor - Old Versions
Product:  Autodesk Inventor
Author:    Karl Hosking – A2K Technical Consultant

How To:

Inventor gives users the ability to keep previous versions of files such as parts & assemblies on record so that in a time of need these files can be restored.


Whilst exploring your Project Workspace, from time to time you'll encounter the "OldVersions" folder, and it's this folder that Inventor uses for this saving mechanism. The setting which controls the amount of previous versions saved is found under the Inventor Project Options, look for the “Old Versions to Keep On Save” setting.


In toggling this setting from 1 to 3, Inventor will now keep the last 3 previous saves of edited files in a relative "OldVersions" subfolder found in the Project Workspace. Changing this same setting to -1 will set Inventor to keep an indefinite number of previous saved files.

Machine generated alternative text:Master Part.0001.ipt Master Part.0002.ipt Master Part.0003.ipt  

The above screenshot shows the contents of my "OldVersions" folder after I've saved my file “Master Part.ipt” 3 times, with myself assigning a different colour to my part after each save. If for example, I found my latest part file to have corrupted, I would be able to recover the last previous version of the file prior to that files corruption. Upon doing so, the below "Open Version" window prompts the user with their options of recovery.



Now some readers would note that by losing the current version of a file, that this method of recovery will set them back to the last saved version of their file, perhaps being saved 15 minutes prior to disaster or worse, saved 4 hours prior… or worse still, what if your entire Hard Drive suddenly stopped working? What then?


Know that if you're serious about keeping your Inventor data safe then there are much smarter ways to do so than being limited by the Inventor “OldVersion” method. Having your files saved on a managed network location is one way. Autodesk Vault is another solution that delivers easy access to your files, whilst having the advantage of keeping all of your documents checked in, safe & secure, regardless of if your computer dies.


If you would like to know more about how data management can benefit your business, click below to find out more about A2K Managed Services;


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