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Posted by Chad Smith, Last modified by Chad Smith on 16 July 2013 10:58 AM

Should you run into issues with logging into VEO, please use the following points as a self-help guide to troubleshooting.


#1: User is trying to use the demo and does not have a demo account

If you are using the demo, you must create a demo account through the M-Six website before you can log in. Go to and click Download Trial now to create a demo account.


#2: Demo user is not using the correct credentials

Demo users need to use the same email address they used to create their demo account on the M-Six 'Try' page

User: [Your Email Address]
Account: demo


#3: User is not using the correct password

Users can reset their password from the login screen by typing in their username and account name into the login screen and pressing the “Forgot Password?” button. The user will receive an email which will provide a link to choose a new password.


#4: User is attempting to connect to the wrong server

Configure the proper server URL in VEO_Settings.ini file found in the application directory. Demo accounts and M-SIX serviced accounts from Australia and New Zealand will use


#5: User’s computer cannot reach m-six servers

Verify that you can reach M-Six servers by going to in your browser. A short message should appear indicating that you have reached a VEO server. If problem persists, investigate firewall and proxy settings with your internal IT department.


#6: User is behind a restrictive firewall

Firewall on the user’s computer or on the network needs to be configured to allow connections to M-SIX servers. VEO needs to connect to various servers of the form * on ports 80 and 443. Specific firewall configuration varies.


#7: User is not using the correct proxy server

By default, VEO will use your system settings to identify the necessary proxy server. In order to configure a custom proxy server and credentials, edit the appropriate settings in the VEO_Settings.ini file found in the application directory.

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